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The Trading Post is excited to offer Bike Rentals this year. Featuring 3G Adult Beach Cruisers, Kids bikes and Tandems. They are all single speed with coaster brakes and larger comfy seats. The adult bikes are all 26″ unisex frames with adjustable seat heights. The kids bikes are 20″ and available in boys and girls. The tandem bikes are also a 26″ frame with adjustable seat heights. We also have Tag Alongs so you can have your child ( age 4-9 )connected to your bike but they have the freedom to pedal on their own. It is a good way for younger riders to learn how to ride. The Tag Along trailer holds two small children who otherwise couldn’t go bike riding on their own. All rentals come with a helmet and a lock. You can rent them by the hour, day or even the week.

You can leave right from the Trading Post or we can deliver them to your cottage ( 5 mile delivery area ). You can ride around Big Platte Lake ( 13 miles ) or ride down Lake Michigan road to Platte River Point ( 6 miles ). This is where the lower Platte river empties into Lake Michigan. Lake Township Park is located there with modern restrooms.There are several other roads you can take to get to the beaches of Lake Michigan. Riding bikes is a great way for the family to be together as well as the exercise benefits. The main roads can be busy so be extra careful when riding. Always stay on the far right hand side of the road riding with traffic and obey all traffic signs.

Couple on Bikes in front of The Honor Trading Post



Cruisers, Tandems and Kids!3gbikelogo



Bike Rental Rates

                                                                                            1-4hrs                            8hrs                            Weekly

                                                           Adults ( 26″ )             $22                                 $36                             $125

                                                            Kids ( 20″ )                $17                                 $26                             $99

                                                           Tandem ( 26″ )            $37                                $56                             $150

                                                            Tag Along ( 20″ )       $17                                  $26                              $99

                                                            Tag Along Trailer      $17                                  $26                              $99


 All rentals include Helmet & Lock

Delivery & Pick up to your cottage included!! ( 5 mile )

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