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This is a gently flowing river with easy, gradual turns. As you head down the river, you will come into a small lake called Loon Lake. This is part of the lower Platte River; you simply paddle along the right-hand side and you will pick the river back up again. This takes approximately 20 minutes to get through. You will also pass through the State of Michigan’s Fish Weir. This is a contraption over the river that has gates that can be raised and lowered to stop the migrating salmon from going upstream in the fall. The weir is in operation from the middle of August until October. During these months, portaging around the weir is necessary. What a great time to see a lot of fish!

On average, the river depth is between two to three feet deep with a few holes that are deeper. (This year the average is three to five feet with above average water levels in Lake Michigan.) This is a great trip for the whole family or beginner canoers. It truly is for all ages and abilities. As always, we recommend life preservers which are included with your trip upon request. Total trip time takes approximately two to two and a half hours and ends at a sandy beach on Lake Michigan with a beautiful picnic area and modern restroom facilities. You will get out of the river well before it dumps into Lake Michigan. This is where your car is parked waiting for you.



This section is much faster than the lower Platte River. It is not white water or rapids but is still very exciting and is more oriented toward the experienced canoer. The river on average is between two to three feet deep with tight turns, fast currents, low hanging branches, and underwater obstacles. A lot of wildlife can be seen including deer, ducks, loons, bald eagles, fish, and otters, just to name a few. This section of the Platte river is exceptionally scenic with limited places to stop along the way. A real trip….or should we say tip?

Total trip time is about three and a half hours and ends about one mile from The Trading Post on Deadstream Road. This is where your car is parked waiting for you.
A Park Pass is NOT required for the Upper Platte River trip as this section is not located within the property of the National Lakeshore. Pets are welcome in our canoes and kayaks. However, there are restrictions for your pets in the National Park, so we will be happy to explain this to you.